Are you damaging your precious photographs

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Take advantage of small blocks of time - even 15 minutes - and take some action. This may seem like extra work, but practicing photo safety should the first step in any of your photo organizing projects. We realize that you probably have oodles and oodles of older photographs that need organizing. 5. Here's a quick explanation of these heat hazards: * Acid: A chemical substance that can weaken paper and cloth, causing it to brown and become brittle. Small progress is still progress! 4. If you insist upon keeping every photograph, then your truly special photographs will be lost in the mass of other photographs. Whether or not you plan to scrapbook, be sure to take the time to capture those magical moments in life. And yet, most people are unknowingly damaging these very items that they consider most valuable! How about you?

Are you damaging your precious photographs? If you have any photographs in shoeboxes, magnetic albums, manila folders, plastic baggies or standard film developing envelopes, then your answer is YES! If you have ever written on the back of your photographs with a ballpoint pen, then your answer is YES! That is because all of these items expose your photographs to the three biggest hazards: Acid, Lignin and PVC. Capture those special moments as they happen. This may sound complicated, but you don't need to worry about remembering the details.

You see heat years and years' worth of photos and think you could never get them all organized, so why bother? Get rid of that "all or nothing" mentality! Set mini-goals so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment. The simple reason for that is that you need to feel a sense of achievement, and this will give you an easy starting point. Gather everything in one place.Photographs are intended to bring us joy.

If you're like most hanging heat exchangers, then just thinking about your massive photo collection is enough to discourage you from taking action. It's hard to organize your photographs if you don't know where they are! Having everything in one place will bring an immediate sense of peace, and it will make it easier for your family to enjoy your precious photographs. It may take you a while to go back and organize your older photographs, but at the very least you'll feel in control of your pictures from here on out.